Recalibrate Your Health &

Transform Your Well Being


The path toward well being isn’t a straight line.

There are periods of breakthrough and growth, but also plateaus and regressions.

The key is to keep moving forward with small & manageable steps.

Helping Executives Achieve Well Being
While Living Their Purpose

What Do You Need Help With?


Inspirational Speaking

Let’s give your audience something they’ll never forget.

Available as keynote speaker, workplace wellness seminar facilitator, moderator, panelist, or podcast guest.

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Clarity Coaching

You and Me working together 1:1 for in depth Coaching to shed light on your personal and professional development.  Based on principles covered in the transformative Return to Wholeness signature program.

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Well-Being Education

The Return to Wholeness signature program was designed for those seeking serious transformation and progress. The course vault houses a curated collection of masterclasses focused on guiding you forward in health, life & business.  Available for both individuals and guided private groups.

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My name is Micah Hill.  I am a Transformation Strategist and my job is to help you get back to– the True Basis of Health, a point of homeostasis.

Your External World
is a Reflection
of your internal World

In the Midst of Chaos,

Cultivate Calm

Whether you realize it or not, each area of your life impacts the others.  Health, career, finances, family, personal growth, recreation are all interrelated.   When you improve one area, you’ll start to see improvements in other areas.  Basically, as you bring more balance into your life, an upward spiral of momentum is created in the other areas.  Transformation can be simple, yet very powerful.

I know the Type A lifestyle only too well.  In fact, if you looked up Type A Poster child you’d probably see a picture of me.  After almost two decades in corporate America and being actively involved in our family business, I know firsthand the stress of work life balance, or lack thereof.  Furthermore, I understand what it’s like to put your all into a project at the expense of your health, family and happiness only to feel like none of them got 100%. 

I know how it feels to thrive on success, but realize in hindsight you are trading off one of your most prized possessions – your well-being.    That’s exactly why I do what I do today.  The lessons that took me years to learn, now allow me to help Achievers like you master being at the top of their game.  Whether it be home life or work life, you will simultaneously thrive at wellbeing.  It is absolutely possible to be successful and live a healthy life with effortless ease.

Let Me Share the Tools with You

Reshaping your life without sacrificing any of the “good stuff” is easily achievable.  I took everything I learned about health and wellness, Ayurveda and Yoga (including the mistakes I made) and turned it into the Return to Wholeness signature program.  Now that program can help you consistently attract the life you want, create wellness and seamlessly live with confidence.  It’s time for YOU to achieve the wellbeing and health you deserve and level up in life. And while you make your way, I would be honored to continue to hold your vision in the event that you struggle to hold it for yourself.   Join me on this extraordinary journey.

You can't work towards wellness by skipping steps

Transformation is Better Than Change
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What People Are Saying…..

Dang! Drop the mike! That was amazing.  You really have a deep understanding of the material and present it very fluidly and naturally.

Skye R.

You have a lovely, authentic style of teaching that draws the audience in and makes them feel comfortable. I LOVED your story and the analogy of the fish tank to reinforce and help us remember key points.  You not only know, but deeply understand, the teachings and it shows in the way you presented the content.

Manjula N.

I love the examples.  It makes it a lot easier to grasp these concepts!!!

Lennis P.

A Quick Start Guide to Wellness

Download Invitation to Balance,  a digital guide that will start you on the path to recalibrating your health.

This FREE guide will help you kick start your journey to well-being with 7 tips you can easily integrate into your daily routine.