Your Well Being Impacts

Your ENTIRE Life


The path toward well being isn’t a straight line.

 If your health is less than optimal, and you are stuck in habitual uninspiring patterns of stress and overwhelm likely, you aren’t living to your fullest potential.

I want an energetic body & a clear mind
micah hill clarity coach talks honestly

My name is Micah Hill.  I am a Transformation Strategist and my job is to help you get back to– the True Basis of Health, a point of homeostasis.

Your External World Reflects

Your Internal World

Whether you realize it or not, each area of your life impacts the others.  Health, career, finances, family, personal growth, recreation are all interrelated.   When you improve one area, you’ll start to see improvements in other areas.  Basically, as you bring more balance into your life, an upward spiral of momentum is created in the other areas.  Transformation can be simple, yet very powerful.

What would it feel like to live a balanced healthy life with true well-being?

Hallmarks of true well-being mean you:

  • Wake up refreshed and energized by the day ahead
  • Feel physically light and healthy
  • See daily tasks as effortless and even find joy in doing them
  • Experience clarity of mind and control over your thoughts
  • Embrace change confidently, knowing that you control your response to any situation
  • Are inspired by your Purpose, knowing the world is better for you being in it.

Imagine how it would feel to experience a quality of life where you didn’t worry about your health, and you experienced abundant energy and joy each day. Your mind was clear, and you felt in control. Your relationships were fulfilling, and your work brought great satisfaction. It aligned with your passions, and you were financially rewarded for doing what you love.

True well-being is a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy thoughts, and a life of Purpose.

Let Me Share the Tools with You


Reshape your Life without Sacrificing

the “Good Stuff”


If you want to be at the top of your game without trading in one of your most prized possession- your well-being, this is where your journey begins.  Integrating the tools learned in The Clarity Club can help you:

• Consistently attract the life you want
• Create wellness and health
• Live with confidence

The Clarity Club is the first Well-Being membership program of its kind. It combines the individualized well-being tools of Ayurveda, well-being coaching, and mindful awareness to bring transformation. The membership is specifically designed for those seeking serious transformation. Inside the membership the course vault houses a curated collection of masterclasses focused on guiding you forward in health, life & business.


This membership will inspire and empower you to shift your relationship with yourself and give you the tools to recalibrate how you live your life.


Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body.
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What People Are Saying…..

Dang! Drop the mike! That was amazing.  You really have a deep understanding of the material and present it very fluidly and naturally.

Skye R.

You have a lovely, authentic style of teaching that draws the audience in and makes them feel comfortable. I LOVED your story and the analogy of the fish tank to reinforce and help us remember key points.  You not only know, but deeply understand, the teachings and it shows in the way you presented the content.

Manjula N.

I love the examples.  It makes it a lot easier to grasp these concepts!!!

Lennis P.

A Quick Start Guide to Wellness

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