005: The Missing Piece In Making Life Shifts Stick


January 13, 2023


Micah Hill



Over the last decade I have developed a framework that has inspired women stuck in limiting patterns to create the best version of themselves by stepping fully into their passion and power and experiencing a rewarding life full of limitless possibilities.

Happy New Year, friends! 

I always love the beginning of the new year. We’ve come off the highs of the holidays, had a nice little break with a bit of rest, and, most of the time, are ready to start from scratch with a clean slate. January 1st is like the great delineator. It’s a new beginning. The months ahead are filled with possibilities, and it’s such an energizing time of year because the rest of the world is all on the same page. New start! 

This time of year comes with it the possibility of a life shift.

Unfortunately, as we plan out our year and everything we want to do or change, we forget to incorporate an important part. Then, a few weeks into January, we fall back into old patterns and start with the “”next week, next month, next year”” mentality. It’s a cycle that has repeated itself for years for many. So I want to address the missing piece of the life shift puzzle – the mind shift. I have a dear friend that says every life shift starts with a mind shift. 

And in that spirit, today’s podcast is centered around the mind shifts we need to make life shifts a reality.

Before we dive in, quick question. Have you shared this podcast with a friend who is trying to make their health a priority or seems like they need a little help getting clear on what they want out of life? Would you mind just grabbing the link to this episode or the podcast in general and just texting a friend and saying,” “Hey, I think you might love this podcast? Take a listen””? It would mean the world to me. My mission is to use my podcast to help as many women as possible, so I’d be grateful if you could help me make that happen.

I started this year on a high. Figuratively speaking, that is😊 The doors opened for The Clarity Club, I registered with my sister for a fitness competition, and I decided my word for this year was going to be Expansion. All the habits and changes I’ve decided to make revolve around expanding my self-care routines, my business, and my impact on the world. I don’t know about you, but the last two years have been too full of restrictions and playing small. This year it’s all about to change. Who’s with me on that?

New year’s resolutions are more than writing a list of wishes. It’s about continually improving and working towards goals that serve you better. The thing is if we can’t believe them to be possibilities. If we can’t believe that we deserve whatever we’ve set out to accomplish, we don’t have the support of our body, mind, and universal guidance when we set out to make ideals a reality.

The first and foremost thing when you identify where you are going and what you want is to have a map. 

An outline, so to speak. You wouldn’t leave the house for a road trip and not know where you were going. Right? Some might – but generally, you plan out where you are going. You decide if you are making any stops along the way, how long you will take, and what you’ll pack. You decide on backup plans.    

The same is true when we decide to make life shifts. We must have a plan to ensure it aligns with our true selves. Is it really something you want deep down, or is it something that society has told you you should want? This month in the clarity club, we talked about what New York Times bestselling author and master life coach calls the Body Compass and how to recalibrate it, so you are in touch with how your body feels about things. The sensations it shares with you are a phenomenal guidance indicator to help you find the path of least resistance to your true self.

Several years ago, when we were in the garbage business, I began a project requiring an expert. I interviewed a professional, and he seemed like a really nice individual. He was very eager to be a part of the project, but something just didn’t feel right within. Have you ever had that gut feeling where you couldn’t put your finger on it, but things didn’t seem entirely right? Going against my better judgment, I hired him because we had worked on other projects successfully. As my body had forewarned, this one didn’t go as smoothly. While the project got accomplished, it took way longer than expected and was significantly more stressful. I share this because, as small as it sounds, listening to those gut feelings is integral in making life run more smoothly.

So in this first step, as you decide what shifts you are planning this year. Really check in with your body. What does your gut tell you? Does it feel good? When I checked in, I have to tell you I was so motivated. Sunday morning, I immediately had this rush of energy, and I decided to organize and start preparing for stepping into Expansion.  

Starting with a bang is great. But what happens when the bang fizzles. Life gets lifey, and you begin to think, maybe I bit off more than I can chew. 

Expansion? Why didn’t I choose something easy, like cleaning out my closet and going to the gym a few times a week? LOL, So it got me thinking of how often we dream big but then start questioning if we are capable and worthy of reaching our goals. 

Two answers – yes and yes.

Today I want to give you the tools you need to figure things out, reach your goals, and say on December 31st – I did it! If you check out www.truebasishealth.com, there is a download called “”Making the Ideal Real”” on the About page. I encourage you to use it as you work through crafting your future self!

First, you want to visualize what you truly want. Feel it in your body. Make sure it aligns with your true self, your higher self, your future self – however you refer to your self with the capital S. Confirm it’s not what you” “think”” you need or should be doing. Sometimes it is easy to want things but” “not really.”” Do you know what I’m talking about?

One way to figure out how serious you are about something is to visualize how you followed through with the items on your list and how your life would look 5 years from now. If you can’t imagine it, you can’t create it. So really feel into it. Are you grateful you followed through? Are there any adjustments your future self tells you to make so the process is more straightforward? 

Trust. The answers to your questions are as important as the hard work it will be to get you there.

Because here’s the thing. Sometimes the most meaningful things are the ones we must work hardest for. Think about graduating from school. How much effort that took. Making the team, getting the promotion, starting a family. Everything takes effort. And if we aren’t really sure or don’t think it is truly possible –that doubt sows the seeds of failure. That’s why the mind shift is so important in reaching goals.  

 What if nothing was impossible? How would your life be different if you knew anything you imagined could become a reality.  Think about your roadmap. Beyond just listing what you want. Go into detail. What are the steps you need to accomplish each item? How will you integrate them into your life? What are your backup plans? It’s all about baby steps. It’s about micro-shifts. It’s about taking one day at a time. And science shows it actually takes people 65 days to sink into new routines and behaviors. And with consistency, the new behavior begins to feel automatic. There’s less struggle and more surrender. And I’m not talking about surrender in a negative – give up kind of way; I’m talking about surrender in terms of the knowingness that despite what happens, despite what obstacles you encounter, you are on the right path.

So we’ve talked about visualizing and baby steps, but support is the other thing you need to create a mind shift. Who will you lean to for support? Support is a big deal in the making life shifts a reality. 

Our minds are incredibly powerful. They also like to find the easy way. When things start getting a little challenging -the mind will start giving you alternate solutions. You start questioning if you really want whatever goal you set all that bad anymore. Is it worth the work? And, without support and clarity, it is easy to get divided. A few years ago, I tried to change my eating. I had set the same goal before, but it was always one made with myself. Do you know what I mean? This time, I verbalized it. I brought in a friend.

Each night we’d talk about our day. What went right. What went wrong. How to fix things. She’d remind me of my why when my mind started playing tricks. And I lost 10 pounds. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about this fitness competition I’ve signed up for. I’m doing it with my sister; there’s a Facebook group; I’ve got William, my trainer, ready to get me to where I need to be; I’ve set myself up for success.

So, even if you’ve cemented your mind shift, you can expect some resistance to the plan. Support is critical to deal with the resistance. 

And this is what I love about the Clarity Club membership. Other like-minded individuals on the same path towards well-being and stepping into their purpose can help hold space and provide suggestions when you hit detours on your journey.

And I’ll leave you with this. As you progress on your journey, know that sometimes it will get tough. You will feel depleted, you might feel emotional, and you might question things. There’s good news. If you did the work- the visualizing, the roadmap, and got the support, it will pass. You’ve heard the saying sometimes things get worse before they get better. 

Well, sometimes you are doing better than you are feeling. You are all good. Rest and hit the ground running tomorrow with the same excitement you started with.

Here’s to you making the mind shifts you need to achieve the life shifts you desire!

This is Micah signing off!

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