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Find your impact in the world without sacrificing your health.  Clarity and a guided framework create the starting point for your personal transformation.

By following my curiosity on a journey, 

a single workshop

changed the path of my life  forever, taking me from burned-out to balanced.

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4 things I’ve learned

          to be true


Sometimes we overstay a season.

Disruption, whether planned or unplanned, is scary and hard.  Often on the other side we come out stronger and wiser.  Understanding the change cycle will help you move through crisis and trauma (or daily life) knowing everything is ultimately happening for you.


The body, mind and spirit are interconnected.

Well-being programs that focus on one aspect of personal growth without the others miss key pieces of the puzzle.  There is no “one size fits all”.  That’s why it’s so important to have a trusted mentor help illuminate the way.


Change happens in every moment.

Discovering the awareness needed to rewire your mind and recreate your body in each changing moment is ultimately what can help us step into our Purpose and experience the most out of this one precious life.


Sometimes a calling comes in the form of a whisper,

Other times in the form of a shout.  You arrived at this website for a reason.  Whatever that might be if you truly tune into yourself enough and follow the invitation I have no doubt amazing things are waiting for you on the other side.

The Clarity Club

For women fiercely determined to transform their health and well-being by stepping out of their comfort zones and into their highest potential.

$4 per day

The Restore Roadmap

Jumpstart your well-being journey with an intensive designed to showcase fundamental healing skills and how to easily integrate them into your busy life.


I don’t pretend to have the perfect life.

I am however committed to improving myself each day.  The path to well-being isn’t a straight line.  My unusual journey is an asset to upgrading yours.

Here’s my journey so far:

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So many people avoid investing in themselves because they think it’s ‘too late’ to change.  By tomorrow you’ll have already lived another day as the ‘old you’, so there’s no better time than today to decide to make a change.

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What good is a healthy body if you are consumed by unhealthy thoughts and uninspired by your life?

And Now for my Formal Bio

Micah Hill is a Transformation Strategist and Chopra Center Certified Vedic Educator + Well-Being Coach.  This former Waste & Recycling Expert retired from the garbage industry and turned her passion for people and special projects into an enterprise to help executives find balance and create well-being in their lives.  As the Founder of True Basis Health, her firm’s courses, events, and results-based coaching programs equip executives and entrepreneurs to become co-creators of their own health and well-being.  Micah brings a holistic mind body approach to stress resilience, well-being & living with purpose.

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