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Transformation Strategist + Well-Being Coach
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Micah Hill

Founder, True Basis Health

A Calling for Well-Being

Each one of us has a unique story.  This story shapes our experiences and perceptions of the world.  Looking back I can see I have always followed a thread.  Undeniably this thread has weaved it’s way through everything. Hindsight is definitely 20/20.  From time to time people have asked how I went from a workaholic living in Atlanta to a “garbage girl” (more on that later) turned Well-Being Speaker and Clarity Coach.

I firmly believe there is a greater plan for all of us.  Sometimes it takes a disruption, or two, to get us back on track.  I always felt a sense of strength and motivation to achieve my desires.  Without a doubt this comes from being the eldest child and the first generation to grow up in the States.  By and large this has translated into me being a perfectionist, relentlessly pressuring myself.

In my mid 20’s I moved to Atlanta to work in the hotel consulting and brokerage business.  My goal was to climb the proverbial corporate ladder and make a name for myself.

Disruption #1

Within a few years disruption #1 hit – 9/11.  Consequently I was forced to make a career re-evaluation.  At first what seemed devastating, ultimately gave me the opportunity for reconnection.  Fast forward a year, I moved back to a town I had no intention of returning to and settled into a life of trash. Yes, you heard that right – trash.

I loved our family-owned waste and recycling business and the challenges it provided.  For the most part, time was measured by projects completed and billing cycles processed.  I didn’t realize “real” time was passing until the annual Christmas cards arrived and I could see how much our friends kids had grown.

Disruption #2

The garbage business was such a rewarding career.  Enter disruption number two.  At the age of 39, I  finally had time on my hands to reflect and a chance to breathe.  With that pause, I began wondering; “Who am I?” and  “What is my Purpose?”.  Life became a relentless exploration of those questions.

Life’s Lessons

Sometimes calling comes in the form of a whisper.  Other times calling comes as a shout (aka disruption).  If you tune in to yourself enough then you are able to hear and finally follow the invitation. Today, I’m able to see the disruptions as teachings.

It took me a while to get here.  Perhaps you can say it’s wisdom or maybe just maturity. After years studying western psychology and eastern spirituality, I learned I was meant to be a teacher, one of Well-Being.  I also learned that everything has prepared me to be exactly where I am right now.  With this in mind my purpose is to help guide other executives through the transformation process.

I don’t pretend to have the perfect life.  I am however committed to improving myself each day.  Progress not perfection, right?  What I’ve learned along the way, I am happy to share with other like-minded individuals.  True Basis Health gives me that platform.  If you’d like to learn from me, check out my services and programs.  I’d be honored to be by your side as you Return to Wholeness.

Who Am I?

And Now for my Formal Bio

Micah Hill is a Transformation Strategist and Chopra Center Certified Vedic Educator + Well-Being Coach.  This former Waste & Recycling Expert retired from the garbage industry and turned her passion for people and special projects into an enterprise to help executives find balance and create well-being in their lives.  As the Founder of True Basis Health, her firm’s courses, events, and results-based coaching programs equip executives and entrepreneurs to become co-creators of their own health and well-being.  Micah brings a holistic mind body approach to stress resilience, well-being & living with purpose.

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The Real Micah

So you’ve seen my credentials and read the testimonials – but who am I behind all of that?  What makes me tick and what do I care about?

Other than speaking and teaching, I love to travel and am an excellent trip planner.  I love comparing hotels, which likely comes from growing up in the private country club industry and from my time in Atlanta as a hotel broker. Visiting with family is top on my list.  Since I don’t have any children of my own, my nephews are spoiled rotten.  When you combine any of the above loves with a tropical island getaway (I’m an island girl at heart) I’m in heaven.

I love helping animals and have rescued over 25 cats and counting.  I have a bit of a soft heart when it comes to fur babies and have even studied animal reiki.  Speaking of study, I’m forever learning.  Ballroom dancing, yoga (I’m a 500 hour registered yoga teacher), plant based nutrition, juicing – the list goes on and on. Reiki was originally out of my ‘reasonable person’ comfort zone, but since it was offered by such a respected institution at Duke Integrative Medicine, I thought, why not.  Now I’m a Reiki Master and teach Reiki classes on the side. I created the site Regenerative Reiki, to focus on Reiki training and sessions.  Learning excites me, which translates well into what and how I share information in my signature program: Return To Wholeness.

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"The Hard Times Put the Shine Into the Diamond."

A nice reminder from one of my favorite country songs.  Let me tell you  – it is possible to recalibrate your health with a small amount of effort. I hope this is just the beginning of our connection. I’d love to personally invite you to join my monthly mailing list.  You’ll immediately receive a copy of Invitation to Balance, a digital guide that will provide you with 7 tips to help start recalibrating for a more satisfying life.