Take your life from Mediocre to Mind-blowing!


The Clarity Club is for executives that have been living life on autopilot. Stressed, tired, and sleepwalking through life uninspired.

How did life become such hard work? Overwhelmed by your responsibilities, predictable routines, and completely exhausted (and not in a good way) at the end of each day.

When did you forget how to rise above the anxiety and confusion and just begin to settle?

When did insomnia and emotional triggers become the norm because you had no energy or mental capacity left?

How often have you looked around recently and felt stuck or even like you were moving backward, thinking, “is this as good as it gets?”

Or, for the lucky ones that feel like they “have it all” and have achieved their goals, does it still feel like something is missing, and you are not completely satisfied?

Living the Status Quo?

Start living a satisfying life on your OWN terms.

It is impossible to experience well-being when one or more areas of your life drag you down. How often do you take time to focus on yourself and your needs?

If you are having a hard time remembering when you last focused on yourself, that’s very likely keeping you from transitioning from a stressful mediocre life to a satisfyingly empowered one. The satisfaction we get from our relationships, career, money, self-development, fun activities, and health are all interrelated. Balance.

The problem is if you are like most, one of those areas seems to get more attention than the others.

Unfortunately, the perpetual thoughts and stories we tell ourselves due to years of conditioning about what we “need” to do or “should do” and what is possible in each area of our life keep us stuck.

How Are you really?

How does it look when we are “stuck” and not showing up for ourselves?

Perhaps it’s not showing up for yourself by choosing comfort food instead of nutritionally sound options that would provide more energy and clarity. Or maybe it’s not feeding your body the movement it needs to stay limber and pain-free. Perhaps it’s allowing yourself to buy into the stories of not being good enough or not being worthy of pursuing your true passions.

When we don’t have enough clarity to see beyond the struggle and are too exhausted to try anymore, we step back into a mediocre life.

Your birthright is not mediocre. You were born to have an inspired life full of limitless possibilities. What is stopping you from going from mediocre to mind-blowing?

Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable?

It’s easy to procrastinate on change.

Our mind is conditioned to “know” what it’s dealing with. That’s why transformation involves getting your mind right!

The fastest way to transform your well-being isn’t by white-knuckling, wishing, more work, or more willpower, and it isn’t through more stress, struggle, or striving. Transforming your well-being comes down to making a mind shift that creates a sustainable life shift.

One-degree shifts are all it takes to change the trajectory of your life from chaos to calm, from uninspired to invigorated, and from mediocre to mind-blowing.

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How do you know when you’ve got TRUE well-being?

BODY: A joyful, energetic body.  Healthy and vibrant.  Ready to hit the ground running with excitement for the day.  A loving compassionate heart.  Rewarding relationships. Abundant in love and money.

MIND: An alert and reflective mind.  Confidently engaged, valued for your contributions at work and with others.  Free from the turmoil of habitual thought patterns and accumulated physical and emotional toxins.

PURPOSE: Lightness of being.  Inspired, intentional, and connected.  Plenty of space for your intentions to unfold, and sparks of excitement begin to illuminate the path to your purpose.

Are you sick and exhausted of struggling and ready to strip away the heaviness of daily life?

If you are ready to stop hiding and shrinking in an effort not to be seen.

If you are tired of putting on a brave face but feeling like your world is crumbling in and around you.

If you are ready for less stress, less struggle, and less striving.

The Clarity Club is ground zero for your transformation.

What I Bring to the Table.

I know the Type A lifestyle only too well. In fact, if you looked up Type A Poster child, you’d probably see a picture of me.
After almost two decades in corporate America and being actively involved in our family business, I know firsthand the stress of trying to lead a balanced life. If my work was good, my health was off, if my food and exercise were on point, I felt like I was suffering at work, Forget time for the fun stuff; there never seemed to be enough time to fit that in. I understand what it’s like to put your all into a project at the expense of your health, family, and happiness, only to feel like none of them got 100%. Many of us have the distinct tendency to overextend ourselves. From time to time, we rely on adrenaline and caffeine (or, in my case, food) to carry us through.

I know how it feels to thrive on success but realize in hindsight you are trading off one of your most prized possessions – your well-being. That’s precisely why I do what I do today. The lessons that took me years to learn now allow me to help achievers like you master being at the top of their game. Whether it be home life or work life, you can and will simultaneously thrive at well-being. It is possible to be successful and live a healthy life with effortless ease. It just involves a little reframing and a few skills that are easy to integrate. Reshaping your life without sacrificing any of the “good stuff” is possible.

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Ready to create the well-being and life you want?


In The Clarity Club



1.  Identify your Core Values

     Hint: Using them as guideposts to unapologetically show up on your own terms will help you navigate your life with confidence and ease.

2.  Ground

     Ground yourself in practices that enrich your physical health, mental clarity, and focus.

3.  Indulge yourself in a Healing Refuge

      Banish stress and focus on creating a healthy, self-regulating body-mind.

4.  Stop Self-Sabotaging Patterns

      Move past the roadblocks of fear and doubt stealing your joy. Objectively discover what drains you mentally and emotionally, then release the patterns that keep you in a state of suffering.

5.  Recalibrate How you Navigate your Life

      Develop the resilience to overcome the disruptions that stand between you and what you truly want.

6. Rediscover your Body’s Inner Intelligence

     Address physical, mental, and emotional needs.

7.  Rewire and Refresh

     Learn to trust the internal nudges, even if you don’t understand them.

8.  Find Courage

      Take action and feel confident in your personal power, knowing you create your own destiny.

9.  Align & Amplify

     Start aligning more fully with the life you were meant to live.  Become energized by your purpose and a new mindset. Enjoy a more  fun, exciting, and rewarding life.

10. Transform your Personal Reality

      Balance your awareness and extend the balance to your body for optimal well-being.

Ready to Push The Easy Button?

You are Where you Are….

Until you decide you don’t want to be there anymore.

You realize a vibrant body full of energy and a calm, clear mind are the norm rather than the exception.

You consistently attract the life you want, create wellness and seamlessly live with confidence. And you refuse to succumb to the habitual stories that hold you back:

I’m not good enough to: have this, wear that, be that
I wish I could: lose 10 pounds, afford XYZ, not have to do it all
I feel….like an imposter, I can’t get my food right, I’m disorganized
I’m always… late, tired, stressed, and overwhelmed
Life goes from “I can’t” to “I will” and “I deserve.”

And when we improve the quality of our experiences and how we view things, our whole life begins to shift. Making the shift requires awareness of the negative thoughts and perceptions and tuning in to what we want instead. We must realize deeply (at a soul level) what we actually want, what inspires us, and what diminishes and drains us. The work to get to this point is liberating and exciting.

When we change how we think and react and start to see ourselves as amazing and purposeful, everything begins to align with our desires. And in the present moment, it becomes easy to see ourselves as the beautiful, intelligent, loving, worthy person we are.

When you experience true

well-being, you become Unstoppable!

What would your life look like if you could make space for the experiences that inspired you in every area of life- physical, mental, and purpose?


Imagine the physical health, rewarding relationships, the satisfying career, fun activities, financial comfort, and the personal growth. When you excel in all those areas – that is true well-being. What would be possible if you refused to buy into the way things are or are “supposed” to be and instead created what you truly desire?

Focus on Upgrading the 3 Essential Layers of Life


Your Extended body, the environment around you, from your home, office, car, or anywhere you spend time, contributes to your well-being. You begin to realize that creating inspiring and healthy spaces directly contributes to your well-being.

Nurturing your Personal body- becoming aware of the food you eat, the way you maintain your body, reward, and cloth it further improves your well-being.

Enhancing your Energy body- how you show up and the energy you extend and present to the world magnifies your progress.

In The Clarity Club, we realize that true health in the body is more than just the absence of disease.

What we surround ourselves with, how we nurture ourselves, and the energy we radiate all impact our health.


Upgrading how you talk to yourself, how you receive what others say, and reassessing old thought patterns that have limited your potential all begin in the mind.

Dismantling habitual filters that cause you to feel “not enough” or have “imposter syndrome” creates a formidable outlook ready to project the real you that has been masked for too long.

Harnessing your mind to make well-being choices and create more opportunities for self-growth and fulfillment prepares you to fully step into your purpose.

Well-being is directly influenced by your thoughts. 


When you recognize the hidden patterns in your experiences as indicators of your life’s ultimate direction and intention, understanding what you were meant to do becomes obvious.

You gracefully embrace what inspires you on a soul level because doing what you love brings joy and contributes to your well-being. Joy and passion are contagious.

The Clarity Club will re-energize you to show up more fully in the present moment and effortlessly move from conventional success to fulfillment.



What’s In


The membership houses a thoughtfully curated collection of masterclasses to start illuminating the path towards your well-being transformation.

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Monthly Class

The Catalyst to Empowering Transformation

Each month a new class is released, seamlessly building on the concepts of well-being. From daily routines that elevate your energy to connecting with your unique gifts, from self-image habits to setting healthy boundaries through skillful communication, stepping into your true power, and so much more.  You’ll enhance your well-being one step at a time, inspiring you to think and operate in a way that aligns with your true self and what you want out of life.

All classes include transcripts, downloadable audio, and beautiful workbooks designed to help you get the most out of each class. All classes are also featured on the private members-only podcast allowing you to enjoy the material at your leisure and on the go.

As you build and expand on new habits and ways of showing up, you will notice more joy, energy, and spaciousness in your life.


Clarity Coaching

Illuminating Mind Shifts

Take advantage and delve deeper into the topics twice a month with live Q&A sessions and coaching.

Offered the second week of the month, Q&A sessions drill down the principles further and discuss overcoming any roadblocks you might be experiencing. Submitting the questions in advance allows you to gain clarity even if you can’t attend live.

On the 3rd week of the month, live coaching is provided to address areas of challenge. Whether related to the month’s topic, or any areas that impact well-being, be prepared to be coached towards achieving your goals.  Every experience is meant to teach us something. Even if you aren’t being coached directly, watching others go through the process will shed light on your experiences and even prompt you to consider things that might unlock impasses. With this in mind, you’ll see each situation as an opportunity to learn.

Together we’ll co-create specific actions to honor your intentions and develop better habits. In the end, you move closer to your well-being goals.

You aren’t alone.




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Private Podcast

Members-Only Podcast.

Explore topics that improve your health and wellness, amplify your energy, upgrade your mind and regain your passion for Purpose.

Monthly classes are posted on the platform, so you can listen on the go from your favorite podcast app when convenient.

The member’s only podcast also houses all coaching calls and Q&A sessions.



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A loving, supportive environment where your successes are celebrated and others build you up.

Who you surround yourself with is key to how you experience life. Just as joy and passion are contagious, so too is positive energy.

In this deeply immersive community, we’ll support and challenge each other with stories of our wins and struggles in a judgment-free environment.


The Clarity Club Also Includes Access To:

Signature Well-Being Program: The Restore Roadmap

Designed to jumpstart your well-being journey. This 8-part transformational intensive will guide you through the fundamental skills to access healing techniques and teach you how to easily integrate them into your busy life. The program is laser-focused on the main areas of benefit to everyone, regardless of situation. It lays the groundwork for effectively addressing most problems at the level of cause.

Whether you lack energy, have trouble sleeping, struggle with brain fog, or have difficulty completing tasks, there’s a likelihood that constant stress, whether physical, emotional or chemical, is to blame. In due time anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, heart disease, headaches, and sugar imbalances typically follow. We focus on treating the root cause and establishing simple daily habits to help you achieve a healthy, vibrant life.

We begin with the body.  Time and aging are connected. How we age is how we metabolize the present moment.

You’ll learn to:

  • Incorporate exercises to closely attune to your body and release anything taking you out of the present moment.

  • Master techniques that not only affect how you feel but also help you CHANGE how you feel by focusing on exercises that have an adaptogenic effect on your nervous system.


  • Understand the power struggles in your body and mind and how to objectively evaluate any situation without being influenced by your surroundings or circumstances.


  • Develop course correction techniques best suited to you by perceiving subtle changes to avoid stress build-up before noticeable symptoms arrive.


  • Master keeping overwhelm in check with an expanded toolbox to help you excel at creating overall well-being.

The body and mind are a package deal. Each session builds harmoniously on the previous ones, so you’ll develop a holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles needed. Meanwhile, you’ll also learn how to apply them in daily life for healing and transformation.

When we carry stress in our body, we carry the roots of disease. Unfortunately, quick ‘fixes’ often come with significant side effects.

If you follow the roadmap, I can promise you will build your well-being muscle, learn to get out of your own way, and become less reactive to overwhelm. You will become less easily triggered and more accepting of yourself and others and be able to confidently rise above your level of stress and identify creative options to overcome challenges.

But more than that, you will gain clarity on what you really want, identify your strengths and passions, and truly experience well-being on all levels.

Ready to Stop Spinning in Overwhelm, Confusion & Procrastination?

Exclusive Masterclass #2:  Dissecting Disruption

The perfect companion to The Restore Roadmap because life is an endless series of distractions and interruptions. Learning to overcome the disruptions and course correct is key to your transformation.  When faced with disruption, there are two types of people: those whose mindset completely implodes and gets thrown off track and those who decide to get back on track and make “lemonade”.

In this masterclass, you will learn to:

  • Embrace the four steps to handling disruption with grace and forward-thinking.


  • Claim the wisdom waiting at the other end of disruption.


  • Understand how disruption uncovers a depth of character you can only uncover by going through it.
    And so much more…


The experiences in your life are being orchestrated to teach you something you need to know for your next level. However, if you can’t see the next level from your current vantage point, you will miss it.

Dissecting Disruption teaches you to rise above your current situation and develop an ear to hear the lesson.

So are you ready to win at life and experience optimal well-being?

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Commit to Yourself!


If you are ready to make your new default thriving and prospering, The Clarity Club is your fast pass to transformation.

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but it can be accelerated. This exclusive club is for those willing to commit to shifting their lives.

Chances are you’ve searched the internet for answers on how to make it all work. You’ve watched countless webinars, read several blogs, and followed different well-being experts. The reality is dealing with stress, overwhelm, and less than optimal health is more than integrating a few generalized tips to help with a little anxiety or occasional insomnia. In the long run, it’s more than getting rid of a few pounds you packed on from emotionally eating.

The sheer amount of online information is daunting, and it is easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. How is it possible to know what applies to your unique situation? Where should you start? With this in mind, The Clarity Club was designed to help you get clear on what you specifically need and then provide research-based protocols to carefully organize a clear plan. Time to transformation and your learning curve is collapsed, and you are supported all along the way.

If you have been working towards well-being by reading, researching, and toe-dipping, that’s wonderful.  But the reality is you can’t get traction without action. Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Delaying and procrastinating, waiting for the right time is the old story you used to tell yourself. The higher version of yourself realizes that the only time we have is right now.