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True Basis Health: The Ripple Effect. A podcast dedicated to helping you shift towards balance with tools to improve how you handle modern life’s ups and downs.

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Recent episodes:

Episode 001

Inviting Balance

In every moment your mind is writing the story of your life. It exerts the greatest influence on your body and is a major contributor to your being out of balance. What you think and how you perceive everything happening for you is all thanks to your mind’s interpretation. That’s why when you change your inner world, your outer world will change as well. In today’s podcast, I will share a tool to improve how you handle life’s ups and downs and how you can use it to ultimately upgrade the reality you experience.

Episode 003

Eating Our Way Through Feelings

Challenges are all around us, big and small. Sometimes we rise up to the challenges. Other times we are so mired in life and our head that we reach for the one thing that guarantees us either control or comfort- enter food. The good news is there is hope to change what can become a destructive pattern. It helps to understand why we do it and what we can do about it that is in better service of our bodies. Today’s podcast is dedicated to anyone that has found themselves eating their feelings and wants to change that cycle.

Episode 005

The Missing Piece in Making Life Shifts Stick

Every day offers the opportunity for a new start. This time of year though, most people associate new starts with the possibility of life shifts. For many, in the excitement of planning out all the things we want to do or change, we forget to incorporate a critical part. Then a few weeks later, we fall into old patterns. It’s a cycle of excitement and commitment that often turns into frustration and broken promises on repeat. This episode is dedicated to addressing the missing piece of the life shift puzzle – the mind shift. In this podcast, Micah shares four mind shifts to ensure success with any life shift you decide to make.

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Invitation to Balance
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