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Transforming lives by challenging minds and hearts one speech at a time.

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Drop the Mic!

One person who listened to one of my talks used those words to describe their experience in the audience. I’m an entrepreneur and a life-long learner passionate about health and well-being.   In particular, as a speaker I’ve addressed corporations, non-profits, universities, conferences, and many more.

My message is designed to help your audience shift towards well-being in a way that is well – unforgettable!

Combining business savvy, a healthy dose of life experience with a little psychology and eastern philosophy will motivate and inspire audiences.  Topics can be presented in the form of a keynote speech, or as a customized workshop.

Disruption, change and uncertainty are all around us.  I’m passionate about helping shed light on practical and actionable ways to move forward.

Whenever you want to inspire and motivate your audience to live the life they’ve always dreamed of, or you want to pave the way for them to achieve true well-being and life balance; I teach with real-world ideas and examples so you won’t walk away with a vague sense of “what now?”.


  • Well-Being & Mindfulness
  • Purpose
  • Change & Transition
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Conscious Communication

Talks that

          Change Lives

Chaos to Calm

This keynote or workshop focuses on finding the stillness inside to go beyond the inevitable chaos of daily life.

It includes tactics and takeaways even the most overwhelmed executive can implement.  This session confirms you can find calm without losing your competitive edge and you can live, love and lead in ways that are a match for these uncertain times.

Invitation to Balance

You are too balanced…. said NO one EVER.

When you are always “on” and accessible its hard to find that work life balance.  This workshop focuses on tiny, easy to integrate steps that lead to massive transformation.

I’ll share how controlling your nervous system helps create balance and increase energy or create relaxation – no matter the situation.

Dissecting Disruption

Challenging times can be the most transformational.

Embracing personal resilience to hold you steady in the midst of profound change is only possible when you have awareness and presence.

Often times disruption is perceived as negative.  In this talk, we explore ways to reframe situations and look for new possibilities.

Why Micah?

Micah draws on 25 years of experience as a business leader, entrepreneur and educator.  Her goal is to inspire and motivate  your audience to move toward optimal well-being and purpose.  As a result, just because her speeches are educational doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.

Unquestionably, people learn best when they are engaged.  With this in mind, if you are an organization that believes in helping improve employee well-being and supporting a more resilient work force we should talk. Without a doubt, I can help you improve learning and performance and attract top talent.