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Return to Wholeness

What if I told you I had a wellness system that could reduce stress & anxiety?

This same wellness system could help you sleep better AND allow you to expand time so you could get everything on your list completed with ease.

Return to Wholeness is a wellness program that will help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep and much more.  I combine the teachings of Western Psychology and the eastern concepts of Ayurveda.  It has been proven that the body has wisdom that transcends the mind.  Have you heard people say “trust your gut”? There is a reason.  If you can learn to listen to your body, you’ll be able to tap into a level of truth that isn’t limited by language, concepts or beliefs.

Your gut and heart have powerful messages to share.  In fact, there is actually a scientific term for this – interoceptive awareness. Interoceptive awareness means: perceiving within.  Perhaps you’ve felt butterflies in your stomach, gotten choked up by sadness, flushed with embarrassment, a tickle in the throat warning you of getting sick or stiffness reminding you to take it easy?  In my courses, you will learn to perceive these subtle changes and then make adjustments to better manage your health and lifestyle.

The courses feature teaching, training sessions and experiential practices.  Each session builds harmoniously on the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles needed.  Meanwhile, you’ll also learn how to apply them in daily life for healing and transformation.

When we carry stress in our body,

we carry the roots of disease.

Unfortunately, quick ‘fixes’ often come with big side effects.


The sheer amount of information available online is daunting.  It is easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. How is it possible to know what applies to your unique situation?  Where should you start?  With this in mind I have used research-based protocols to carefully organize a clear plan.  As a result, I’ve collapsed your time and learning curve

My course is laser focused on 6 main areas for improvement that will benefit everyone, regardless of your situation.  Together the courses lay the groundwork for you to effectively address most of your problems at the level of cause.

Whether you lack energy, have trouble sleeping, struggle with brain fog, or have difficulty completing tasks; there’s a likelihood that constant stress, whether physical, emotional, or chemical is to blame.  In due time anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, heart disease, headaches and sugar imbalances normally follow.  This program focuses on treating the root cause.  Our focus is on establishing simple daily habits which will help you achieve a healthy, vibrant life.

Enhance your ability to be calm and satisfied in the midst of life’s chaos.

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Return to Wholeness

In this three-part transformational intensive, you will be guided through the fundamental skills needed to access healing techniques and easily integrate them into your busy life so you can transform your health and well-being.

Part I
6-week Recalibration Course

The Restore Roadmap

The Restore Roadmap is your starting point in this transformational program.

We begin with the body.  Time and aging are connected.  How we age is how we metabolize the present moment.  In The Restore Roadmap, you will learn to cleanse your perception and your organs of perception so you can see more clearly.

The Body truly has a wisdom that transcends the Mind.  This level includes The Breathwork Blueprint, Nourish & The Move Method. Complete with downloads and tracking sheets.

Next guided Course begins August, 1, 2022.  Limited to 40 participants.


Part II

Chaos to Calm

Once you’ve made your way through The Restore Roadmap you will continue on with Chaos to Calm.

Our focus here is on perception and awareness.  When we shift our perception and awareness a whole new world opens up.  This capsule contains the The Mind Method, Growing Gratitude, & Conscious Communication.

Guided Course Begins November 1 , 2022.


Part III


You’ve completed The Restore Roadmap and Chaos to Calm.  Now you are ready for the final step – Transcend.  Here we add Clarity Coaching sessions to help you integrate what you’ve learned and connect with your true purpose.  Prerequisite: The Restore Roadmap & Chaos to Calm


Ready To Commit Fully?

Purchased individually, the three levels would run $2,497.  However, if you are committed to your growth purchase the complete bundle and save $150.


Companies interested in in-person or virtual team training programs, or groups of 5 or more individuals , please contact us for special pricing.

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    “If you don’t take time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness.” – Anonymous